Friday, September 2, 2011

Random happenings

So i just awoke from an afternoon nap and I had a missed call from a guy wanting to sell me a truck. He's got a Chevrolet truck that doesn't run and is looking to get around $200 for it. Well the first thing you should know is that any car or truck is worth at least $300 in scrap metal. So if you pay below $300 theres no way you can loose money. Now being that it is a Chevy truck the parts are very desirable to a lot of people. Here is a price list of general parts and there general used pricing that you can get.
engine as is - $500
transmission - $250
doors-$75 - $100 each
fender panels - $50 each
seats - $75 each
Rims - $ 20 each
pickup bed- $150
Dash - $75
Driveshaft - $50
Axels - $60 each
And all the random pieces that people need you could get around $5 to $10 each.  Then when all the parts are gone or just made alot of money you sell it to the scrap yard and still get around $150 So needless to say, there is money to be made of a junk car or truck. And the note to see here is that all the parts are you pull it, so if somebody wants a part they have to pull it themselves. So no extra work on you. Once you get your name out there people will constantly be calling you about stuff they wanna sell. Always keep a lot of cash on hand just in case you never know what you're gonna run across.


  1. Very true. I myself got a running BMW E30 for 1g and I know I could easily sell of the parts and make more money than I paid, but it's my dream car so that's not happening.

  2. thats great man, with knowledge u can make cash