Friday, September 2, 2011

I also failed to mention in my earlier post that pretty much any broken electronics are worth something. This camera pictured above it retails for $119 new. They range from $50-$75 used. This one was broken I still got $30 for it as-is. People will pay pretty good money for electronics that are broken because either they fix them and resell them or they use the parts to fix the camera they have that is broken. Broken electronic devices is a very lucrative business.  I have probably sold $1000 worth of broken electronics in the last few years. I saw the other day that a broken IPad went for $400 and they retail for like $500. Crazy isnt it?


  1. I sometimes look for broken electronix just to take out the cool gears and make art out of them :3. Might have to just sell them now though lol.