Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Craigslist and how it helps you

 Craigslist always offer you a chance to sell something that for some reason cant be put on eBay. Ebay does have a lot of rules not to mention shipping has rules too. I know you cant sell guns on Ebay. So craigslist offers you an outlet to sell those types of things. Also craigslist is offered in many major cities just go to craigslist.com and search for your city. I've bought plenty of items off craigslist and put them on eBay and made lots of profit. There is always a way to make a dollar you just have to have to be willing to go that extra mile to make it work.


  1. thanks for sharing your experience

  2. Sounds like something I'd love to do.
    Except, my luck on eBay has been less than acceptable.