Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Selling your old computer after Christmas

     After Christmas ways to make extra cash. When you get a new tv or a new computer, don't throw out your old one. Sell on craigslist or Ebay. My parents bought me a new computer from new-egg so my old computer went to Ebay and I pocketed an extra $100 for Christmas :).  But before you sell it make sure to wipe the hard drive with a new operating system, its what I did.. Also guys I received some really cool silver dollars and half dollars. I had a pretty good Christmas overall. How was everyone's else Christmas? I hope it was awesome ^_^. In the new year I will be starting a new blog. I dont know what about yet. What would you guys like me to write about? Comment and tell me :)

Oh yea the picture is where I blog now :) and play Call of Duty 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pawn shops offer great deals as well

   Some people need loans so they go to pawn shops and pawn off their valuables for quick cash. When they dont pay off their loans the pawn shop has the right to sell the merchandise to make back the money for the loan. Most of the time you can get a good used iten for up to 50% off. This is a good way to save some money  on something you always needed or wanted. Keep your eyes peeled becasue pawn shop inventory constantly changes. ^_^

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'm giving away a brand new iPad 2 for Christmas

Ok guys the $5 itunes gift cards where a great success, so now I have decided to give away an Ipad 2 ^_^ all you have to do is send me an email to >>>>>>> tater@tatertips.com <<<<<<<< and tell me why I should overnight this Ipad to you. This is a real contest and isn't spam. So please enter and forward to everyone you know. The more people that enter the more I will be able to give away ^_^ thanks everyone for your continued  support

The most common mistake when buying a new car

Ok guys my friend just bought a new car. A nice Cadillac Ctz really nice leather seats and everything. Well he bought it, and when he went to fill out the paper work he had forgot something. He forgot to print off his online insurance quote and bring it in to save an extra $250. Because a lot of dealerships will give you a discount if you have your insurance rates all ready for them to analyze.

This was another common mistake, but it could of been worse than $250 he could of got into a wreck on the way home and been in a long legal battle but he wasn't. :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Buying and selling old coins

Old coins are a extremely valuable asset to invest in like a really good stock they never go down in price. Coins are also special because they will always be worth the face value of it. Morgan silver dollars are worth a good deal of money they have shot up in price and are a valuable piece of american history. Some people collect hundreds of them over the years of their life. Then collectors find them all in whats called a hoard of silver dollars. These can be worth millions of dollars. Im going to be introducing you to th art of coin collecting over the next few days

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Vintage black and white photos

Another great thing to sell on Ebay is black and white photos and old tin types. They go for a great deal of money these days. I would say around 3-5 dollars each. I bought a whole box of them the other day at a yard sale for only $20 I'm expecting to get over $200 for the lot of them. Just be careful sometimes people don't know that they are selling their families heritage away so Make sure to ask people before they sell them to you if they are sure they want to sell them. Thanks for looking stay tuned to make some more money ;)