Tuesday, September 27, 2011

ITT Tech or no?

Hey guys.  Are there any college students reading my blog? If there is I wanna know if  ITT Tech is a good school to go to. I'm in the process of finding a good school to go t, but I'm stuck and I need help. Any advice would be very beneficial to me. Ohh and my parents make too much to get financial aid :/ but in other news, I sold those locks and keys. They sold for $11.25 so I made around $1 on them. Lol not much but every little dollar helps.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Just got these

I just bought these locks and keys last night at an auction. I paid $10 for all of them. Ive got them on ebay now. They should bring about $20 I hope lol. I will keep you guys posted on how it does.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Its a girl!!!!!!!!!

Its a girl! Man I've been up for like 48 hours straight and I'm kinda outta of it. Ill be back soon I promise guys. Ohh BTW you can look for baby toys and other baby stuff at yard-sales and take it to your local baby consignment store and they will pay you cash for it. I know because I've been doing it to get my sister store credit to use for her baby. Lol stay tuned maybe some more baby updates :P have a nice day

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oh what a happy day!

My sister is in labor today and im going to be an uncle. Her water just broke so 24 hours from now I'll get to see my awesome nephew. Man I'm soo happy. Ill post pics of him later guys. Thanks for looking :0

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Man I am really surprised!!!!!!!!

I have almost 2,500 page views. Man i do love each and everyone that takes time out of their day to stop and take a look at my page. When i first started this I didn't think anyone wanted to see what I did on a daily basis but boy was I wrong! I love all of you and have a wonderful day! :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hi guys

Sorry I've been busy lately. This new job is really kicking my butt... I'm trying to go out and find some more good deals so i can spread it to you all. Alright I have some homework for you all. I wan you to find something valuable in your house and tell me what it is and I will tell you how much its worth and where to sell it at. This is going to be a fun game Ill find something tonight at my house and post it tomorrow. Start digging!!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Gold and Silver

Gold and silver have been extremely hot here lately. if you have any now is the time to sell. I just dropped a load of at my local buyer and got $750 so sell sell sell like now!!!! lol

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Heres the video

Whats up

I just bought a used home theater system from a yardsale this morning. It set me back only $25 good deal. It had 2 brand new jbl audio wireless speakers with it . For those of you who dont know JBL audio is pretty decent/expensive audio equipment. Well the setup is like 10 years old but it still works for what I wanna do. im currently using it to listen to some good old fashion dubstep. I think im gonna upgrade the receiver guy is wanting to sell me a pretty new one for $30 so I'm gonna get that and be in business. Im in the process of uploading a video for you guys to see and hear what it sounds/looks like.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hey guys

Sorry about neglecting my blog lately I just started a new job and they are killing me with the hours. Its only temporary so ill be back before you know it ^_^ I hope so of you have some stories to tell me about how my blog made you some money since I havent been here. Y'all be safe

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This might help yall out a little bit

This is another great thing to look for at yardsales. These are old lighters.
The best ones are Zippos the older the better. But other lighters are also worth something too.
I picked these up like a quarter at a time or like $1 for these 10 and I sold this bag of lighters for like $20-$25. It really does pay to know your merchandise. So keep a look out for some great deals and let me know some of your success stories. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Craigslist and how it helps you

 Craigslist always offer you a chance to sell something that for some reason cant be put on eBay. Ebay does have a lot of rules not to mention shipping has rules too. I know you cant sell guns on Ebay. So craigslist offers you an outlet to sell those types of things. Also craigslist is offered in many major cities just go to craigslist.com and search for your city. I've bought plenty of items off craigslist and put them on eBay and made lots of profit. There is always a way to make a dollar you just have to have to be willing to go that extra mile to make it work.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

This is another great deal I ran across. Its a graphing Texas Instrument calculator. I picked it up for $2 at a yardsale. I sold it for around $30. This calculator new would retail for around $150. College kids are always looking for a cheaply used one. You can always find these at yardsales for cheap just look for the graphing ones. They will have alot of confusing buttons. The more simpler ones are worth that much. Just another good thing to keep an eye out for at yardsales/
These are a little bit harder to find but if you do they're worth their weight in gold. These are pieces of dollhouse furniture. They date back to the 60's or 70's. I picked these up at a yardsale in my neighborhood a couple of months back. Paid $10 for 2 boxes full of it. I sold this lot pictured above for around $30 and that was just half of one box. I dont know why but apparently antique dealers love this dollhouse stuff so they will pay outrageous prices for it. You might get lucky and get the dollhouse with it too. They are pretty expensive too so keep an eye out for these money making products.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

This just surprised me. I put this lot of GameCube games on Ebay thinking I was gonna get a dollar or 2 outta them. I looked on my summary and they sold for $35!!!! And the kicker is that they were too scratched for gamestop to take them. This just goes to show that its the things that you least expect will sell extremely well. The thing to look for is Zelda. Apparently this game on GameCube is extremely valuable. So keep your eyes out for these valuable games.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Random happenings

So i just awoke from an afternoon nap and I had a missed call from a guy wanting to sell me a truck. He's got a Chevrolet truck that doesn't run and is looking to get around $200 for it. Well the first thing you should know is that any car or truck is worth at least $300 in scrap metal. So if you pay below $300 theres no way you can loose money. Now being that it is a Chevy truck the parts are very desirable to a lot of people. Here is a price list of general parts and there general used pricing that you can get.
engine as is - $500
transmission - $250
doors-$75 - $100 each
fender panels - $50 each
seats - $75 each
Rims - $ 20 each
pickup bed- $150
Dash - $75
Driveshaft - $50
Axels - $60 each
And all the random pieces that people need you could get around $5 to $10 each.  Then when all the parts are gone or just made alot of money you sell it to the scrap yard and still get around $150 So needless to say, there is money to be made of a junk car or truck. And the note to see here is that all the parts are you pull it, so if somebody wants a part they have to pull it themselves. So no extra work on you. Once you get your name out there people will constantly be calling you about stuff they wanna sell. Always keep a lot of cash on hand just in case you never know what you're gonna run across.
I also failed to mention in my earlier post that pretty much any broken electronics are worth something. This camera pictured above it retails for $119 new. They range from $50-$75 used. This one was broken I still got $30 for it as-is. People will pay pretty good money for electronics that are broken because either they fix them and resell them or they use the parts to fix the camera they have that is broken. Broken electronic devices is a very lucrative business.  I have probably sold $1000 worth of broken electronics in the last few years. I saw the other day that a broken IPad went for $400 and they retail for like $500. Crazy isnt it?
This is another quality item to look for at yard-sales. This is a original Playstation 1 game most of these are pretty valuable they range from $5 - $150
              Major games to look for
1. Any Final Fantasy games
2. Any Vandall Hearts games
3.Any Metal Gear Solid Game pictured above ^^^^

Another great thing to sell to make money on ebay

Ebay and what it can do to help you

Today i listed several things on Ebay to make some extra cash this is one of many successful ways to get an extra cash flow. I bring in an extra $1000 thanks to ebay. To all you newbies the trick to this is to go out on Saturday morning and hit up several yardsales and buy stuff cheap that will sell for very high on ebay. This takes skill and years of experience. You just gotta know whats selling for what. Also you can try craigslist for selling stuff locally for a cash and carry type deal. I hope this brightened everyone's day and Good luck tomorrow is Saturday so you know where ill be ;)

hello there

Im new to the whole blogging thing but i do belive in good time i wil be able to win over the hearts of millions with my witty and funny and cute stories so sit back relax and enjoy the show ^_^