Friday, February 17, 2012

Buying Dirt 3 for cheap

Ok so I was wanting to buy Dirt 3 off steam but it was $49.99. So I went to ebay looking for it. I found out that AMD was giving away coupons whenever someone bought something made by them. People were selling these coupons on Ebay for a little of nothing. I bought one for myself for $6 and I bought 2 more for $8 and $9 for my friends. I ended up spending less than half for 3 copies of the game This just goes to show that you can always find it cheaper somewhere else. :D

Thursday, February 16, 2012

How to sell Nintendo ds games

Ok guys so I bought 2 Nintendo Dsi's and and 13 games for $50 off the resale group. I sold one of the DSi's to a friend of mine for $40. The other one and all the games just sold on Ebay here are some before and after 

As you can see Im going to more than triple my money. All in 3 days 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DS With 12 games

So I Bought 2 Nintendo game systems with 13 games the other day. I paid $7

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Buying a used Amazon Kindle

     Ok guys so my wife is looking for a new Amazon Kindle. I have been searching for a cheap used one for her on ebay and from what I can tell the older models with the keypad are ranging from $40-$100. I have bid on a few of them and I am waiting to see if I win one of them for here. It would make her heart love me forever If I got her one. I am also in the Ipad market I am really wanting to purchase an Ipad 2 at a good price obviously it would have to be used. The only thing I dont like about having to buy a used Ipad is that I can't put insurance on it if its used. But if I get the Ipad 2 cheap enough insurance won't be a big deal. Ill let you guys know if I win the kindle for her. :D

Ways to research on Ebay before bidding

    Ok so I won her the Kindle she wanted. I paid about $45 after shipping. This was easily accomplished by using the tools that Ebay have installed on their site. When researching how to go about bidding on Ebay untilize these tools:

1. Condition this is depend on what you are looking for either Brand new never opened or used
2. Price : Range of how much you are looking to spend.
3. Buying Formats : Whether you want to wait for an auction to be over or just buy it now and you get it right then and there
3. Shipping : What kind of shipping you prefer. Whether you Want it right away or wait a few days and save a few bucks.
4. Location : Also goes along with shipping and If you want to buy only USA products

All these tools built in will help you get a great deal on ebay and save you some money in the process

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Well Its cold out there !

    Sorry I havent been finding any good deals lately to tell you guys about. Its freezing outside and im too cold to go out and find some stuff. Stay tuned thou in the next couple of days Im supposed to be buying some gold and silver from and esatate auction If the weather permits

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Went to Lamar Todd's Auction

    So guys the other day I went to this great auction here in Memphis. Its run by an awesome dude named Lamar Todd. He has been in the business of antiques for decades. I got to talking to him the other night about how this business is and he told one of the most important things you will ever learn. There are NO friends at an auction. I was laughing when he told me that but its true. He said you wouldn't believe how many people's friendships get hurt over a bid on a $10 item. I was amazed to say the least. The whole time he was throwing out witty remarks like "We encourage volume buying you know?" and squirting water guns at un-ruley buyers all in good fun. I had the chance to bid on a few items but I only won 1 item. It was a boys scout uniform with all the patches and buttons and complete. I paid $10 for it and I'm hoping to get around $30 for it on Ebay. Lamar also taught me another thing. He said don't expect to make a million of one thing. but to make a million off a lot of things. Which basically means don't get greedy. As long as you come out on top your doing great. ^_^ It was pretty fun but when it was over I had to wait in line to pay like 6 people in front of me. I was like man this is going to take forever. But surprisingly the line went quick, then I had the chance to met Mrs. Helen Todd, Lamar's wife. She was so nice and pleasant about me being there and bidding and having a good time. She had me all paid up in no time at all. Usually at other auctions around town they take forever to add you up, but not here. ^_^ Oh and this was the first auction I have been to that had a Cafe in the back serving hot food and cold drinks. All around I give Todd s Auction in Memphis a A++ It was awesome and I will defiantly be coming back seeing as how they have an auction every Monday Thursday and Saturday night.  ^_^