Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ways to research on Ebay before bidding

    Ok so I won her the Kindle she wanted. I paid about $45 after shipping. This was easily accomplished by using the tools that Ebay have installed on their site. When researching how to go about bidding on Ebay untilize these tools:

1. Condition this is depend on what you are looking for either Brand new never opened or used
2. Price : Range of how much you are looking to spend.
3. Buying Formats : Whether you want to wait for an auction to be over or just buy it now and you get it right then and there
3. Shipping : What kind of shipping you prefer. Whether you Want it right away or wait a few days and save a few bucks.
4. Location : Also goes along with shipping and If you want to buy only USA products

All these tools built in will help you get a great deal on ebay and save you some money in the process

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