Sunday, February 5, 2012

Buying a used Amazon Kindle

     Ok guys so my wife is looking for a new Amazon Kindle. I have been searching for a cheap used one for her on ebay and from what I can tell the older models with the keypad are ranging from $40-$100. I have bid on a few of them and I am waiting to see if I win one of them for here. It would make her heart love me forever If I got her one. I am also in the Ipad market I am really wanting to purchase an Ipad 2 at a good price obviously it would have to be used. The only thing I dont like about having to buy a used Ipad is that I can't put insurance on it if its used. But if I get the Ipad 2 cheap enough insurance won't be a big deal. Ill let you guys know if I win the kindle for her. :D

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  1. I got one of these things new a year ago or some, I dropped it literally 1 foot on to a table and the screen broke. If I was going to get one again I'd get a newer model where they've worked out some of the flaws. GOOD LUCK!