Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ways to make Money using Facebook Groups

   Lately I have been seeing Groups coming up in local Metro areas Called Second hand or Resale. Basically its like a craigslist for Facebook. It is a lot safer than Craigslist and you can see the persons info so you know they are legit. Usually these groups work better in a small tight knit community. Were people know at least a few other people in common. There are plenty of good deals on there because these smaller communitys usually sell stuff cheap to each other because they know the merchandise is going to help the community. I recently purchased a Iphone 4 and I am currently using it as I type. ^_^ I paid around $125 for it. It was a great deal, they are going for around $300 on eBay and around $350 on craigslist. So if you do not have one of these groups in your local area MAKE ONE. They are a great idea and I love it  ^_^


  1. good idea, I know some friends that make a living buying and reselling stuff like this.

  2. This is a really good tip! Love your blog, very helpful :)