Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sony PSP 1000 Black - 2 games usb/charger 2gig memory stick SOLD!!!!!!

I just sold a PSP today on the Facebook groups I was telling you guys about. I sold it pretty cheap to a women with 4 kids because truth be told I bought it cheap. I originally bought it for $40 and played it a little bit but I got bored with it. So I sold it to her for $30 not a bad deal on her part. Yeah I lost some money but it was a good for her and good for me so I didnt mind :) This is part of the junk-man's business. You always have to pay it forward to other people and help out everyone ^_^

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  1. Wait, good for you and for her? What happened to make that deal!?

    How does one find a local facebook group? What terms should we search for?