Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Selling your old computer after Christmas

     After Christmas ways to make extra cash. When you get a new tv or a new computer, don't throw out your old one. Sell on craigslist or Ebay. My parents bought me a new computer from new-egg so my old computer went to Ebay and I pocketed an extra $100 for Christmas :).  But before you sell it make sure to wipe the hard drive with a new operating system, its what I did.. Also guys I received some really cool silver dollars and half dollars. I had a pretty good Christmas overall. How was everyone's else Christmas? I hope it was awesome ^_^. In the new year I will be starting a new blog. I dont know what about yet. What would you guys like me to write about? Comment and tell me :)

Oh yea the picture is where I blog now :) and play Call of Duty 


  1. Very cool! hope you enjoy your new stuff! and yeah, it's always better to sell your stuff than throw it away, or even better give it to someone who need one or put it to good use. As doing computer repair work in the past, I would setup new computers and the people would say they are throwing the old ones out. They weren't that old. Oldest was 2 years. So I'd get rid of them for my clients, give them a coupon for percentage off next call out, and fix the pc's up for the needy. Good times :)