Monday, November 14, 2011

Ways to save money with great coupons

My family and I have a modest income. We make most than everyone else but yet again we pay more taxes and have bigger bills. So I took it upon myself to start coupon-ing. There are tons of websites that have coupons for almost anything you could ever think of. The trick to extreme coupon-ing in Memphis is to stack. Stacking is where you have 2 coupons for the same product and you use them both at the same time and save unreal amounts of money. Some stores have specials on items like 2/ $5 well if you have a $2 off coupon plus the stores sale. You just got one item for basically free. You have to know when to use coupons and when to not use them. They do have an expiration date but be wise on how you use them.
   I use coupons for all my groceries and save on average $400 a month. It takes me probably 2 hours a day of clipping and organizing coupons, but it pays off when I get the stores and see the totals. So go do your research and find some site with coupons and get your local Sunday paper and start saving them coupons because it your money and you need it in your wallet not in the cash drawer of your local favorite store.


  1. great advice, I'm goin to start doing that

  2. I always use coupons....

    ...except on dates. ;D

  3. nice tip, i actually never usw coupons but 2 at the same time ? is that really possible ? =)

  4. To bad that where I'm from we don't have coupons, or the ones we have just suck ass. It's not really worth it :(

    Great info tho.