Friday, November 11, 2011

Selling your old automobile

    Hello followers, I noticed something today and I thought I should let everyone out there know about it. I went used car shopping today with a buddy of mine. He is looking for a newer use car , but he already has one. So he was going to trade his old car in for a new one. After talking and looking he asked the dealership how much would they give him for his car and they told him only $1000. I personally looked up the Kelly Blue-book value of it before we went there. In good condition it goes for $3500.

     Well he didn't take the offer because I told him about how he could sell it on Craigslist for at least $2500 cash and not have to mess with the dealership messing him over. So He bought the car and he is already getting calls about his car and I just listed it today for him.

     So people PLEASE do your homework before making an informed descion like this : had i not been with him he would of sold it and lost $1500. So stay smart and always follow the thing I post on here and I will lead you down the road of success :)

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  1. "So stay smart and always follow the thing I post on here and I will lead you down the road of success :)"

    Fantastic! That sentence absolutely sums up the level of intense credibility this blog possesses.

    Let's break down this fantastic worldly literary contribution step by step so we might actually be able to apply the subtle hidden genius that is hiding in the cracks of idiocy and random punctuation.

    I love how this intensely thrilling submission starts: He WENT used car shopping. He IS looking for a "NEW USE CAR." Fan-fucking-tastic is an understatement when exploring the level of excitement the author bestowed upon me. I get it, the inconsistency of tenses is a thrill-joy of madness to keep us on the edge of our seat so we the readers are never quite sure whether he WENT shopping or he is AT THE FUCKING CAR LOT AS WE SPEAK. Holy shit! A phenomenal concept often overlooked by the greats. Faulkner ain't got shit on Douche.

    The miscellaneous details of his buddy already having a used car and how he's trading it in for a new one is like a boomerang to the fucking dome. WHAMM!! Trading in a used car for a new one? a new used one? What?! What does it mean? No one fucking knows! The writing... It's like putting a piece of chunky white substance found on the carpet and stuffing your crack pipe with it then ripping it like it might cure AIDS. Will it work?!?! I HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA BUT ITS FUCKING IMPORTANT.

    The excitement is overwhelming.

    Fuck a boomerang, how about a 1911A1 Colt .45ACP to the temple for the next revelation: the dealer ship offered $1,000. FUCK me running with a 2x4 board SIDEWAYS! A measly grand for a used car? Fucking dragonslayer lizard king here already KBB'd(Kelley Blue Booked) the FUCK out of the used auto and its worth is 3.5g's!

    Leave it to JurassicPark2k11 to save the day. He runs, jumps into a telephone booth, and expels as fucking SUPERFRIEND and tells his buddy he can undersell the value of the vehicle on craigslist!! Underselling a used car means GUARANTEED PROFITS!

    I am so blown away at the sheer fucking sagacity laced through and through I'm going to shit my fucking pants.

    This guy must be a member of the Church of Nazarene and a huge fucking dubstep fan because I just Skrillexed all over the keyboard.

    I get it:

    1. Get offer at dealership.
    2. KBB the FUCK out of my vehicle.
    3. Undersell the value of vehicle on craigslist.
    4. ?????
    5. PROFIT!!!!!

    I tell you what, Turbo. I will most DEFINITELY follow the "thing you post on here" so I can make my way to your level of success. That is, if I wanted to work at fucking Taco Bell.