Monday, October 31, 2011

How to keep from bankruptcy after a break in!

Well people my uncle's house got broken into the other day. i know cruel place with live in now a days. But luckily he had homeowner's insurance that covered almost everything that was stolen a little over $20,000 worth of tools and stuff, Snap-on Matco high end tools. Since he has a detailed read out of everything that was in his house at the time. His homeowner's insurance is going to cover it all! If he didn't have the insurance he would of probably went bankrupt. Because he works on cars and relies on his tools to make him money. I'm glad everything is going to be alright.Everyone if you don't have homeowners insurance I suggest you go out and get it right away to keep something like this from happening to you. Another great tip brought to you by, Dragon slayer


  1. Daaaamn, 20k of tools? I have like, a rusty wrench and screwdriver that I use for everything.

  2. oh damn! but it is indeed a great post!